Business Ethics

Ethical Management

As part of POSCO, a global listed company,
we reinforce compliance with the law and strict ethical standards and maintain
the fundamental principles of behavior long established in our corporate culture.

Our Code of Ethics establishes strict ethical values and high behavioral standards that must be preserved and developed by all POSCO Terminal employees, who have inherited the foundation spirit of devotion to steelmaking based on sacrifice and service while reflecting the new spirit of the times in our industry. Our steadfast values establish a corporate image that can be fully trusted by all stakeholders knowing POSCO Terminal’s prioritized value criteria of integrity, fairness and honesty.


  • Pledge to follow and
    implement the Code of Ethics
  • Fair Trade Training
  • Fair Trade Compliance Program

Must Do’s of Our Code of Ethics

Must Do’s of
Our Code of Ethics
01. Comply with related rules
and regulations in all areas
of the world where POSCO
Terminal conducts business
02. Retain our dignity as POSCO
Terminal employees and
make efforts to maintain the
company's reputation.
03. Preserve integrity, fairness
and trust throughout
all jobs and business relations.
04. Not become engaged in
activities in which there
are conflicts of interest
between the company
and others.
05. Respect the dignity and diversity of others and not discriminate against other employees or stakeholders based on race, nationality, gender, disability and religion.
06. Make every effort to create a safe workplace and protect the environment.
07. Remain devoted to establishing an ethical culture by taking responsibility and practicing ethical conduct.